Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kmart was just OKAY

I went to Kmart yesterday for the double coupon event with 2 fellow supercouponers and we got some good stuff, but at the end of our purchase we weren't quite sure if we got all of our coupons doubled. Turns out that my diaper $2/1 coupons didn't get doubled, so I had to go back today and get $8 back. They were rude and unfriendly about refunding me the money, when it was actually their fault for not giving me the double coupons in the first place. Anyhoo, long story short, I'm not going to go back, so if you want any Kmart coupons let me know. I still have the:
-$5/50 Kmart coup
-V8 Fusion(free)
-2 Kotex Pantiliner (free)
-8 Trident Xtra care (free)
-8 Turtles chocolate (free)
-6 Kelloggs cereal (free and 3 dollar money maker)
-8 Revlon (free nailpolish, lip stuff)
-8 Sally Hansen tool (free toe clippers, emery boards)
Those are the free coupons I have and I have a lot of other ones that you pay 50 cents, like Lysol wipes, toliet cleaner, Hormel Compleates, etc.... just let me know what you want!


  1. oooh i hate it when that happens.. then they try tp make you feel like you did something wrong, when it was their fault. thanx for the dove and cool toothpaste. i love the toothpaste!!!

  2. nice, i will keep getting you that one!